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shopping in paris supermarkets and commercial centers

there are few large supermarkets in paris city center. it is said that maximum area of a supermarket in paris city downtown must be under 200 squre meters. parisians buy their grocery in monoprix, franceprix, atac , ed, leader price and so on,  relatively smaller supermarkets in every street corner.

large supermarkets such as carrefour, auchan and intermarche are distributed at the outskirts of paris. most of them are open in a shopping center. larger supermarkets sell every thing, from the food stocks to clothes, soft drinks to spirits, small electric appliances to computers, some even sell diamonds. if you want to buy some special french products such as foie gras, fromages, champagnes, french wines, you can simply go to a larger supermarket to find them. the price is low, and the quality is as good, that is  the place where french consumers buy their every day consumer goods.

like other metropolitans, more and more giant malls have grown up in farther suburbs of paris, ile de france. many parisians and inhabitants of the ile de france region surrounding her (10 millions people altogether) do their shopping in huge suburban shopping centers. easily reachable by car, as well as by metro, by rer, located in the residential districts, they usually include a gigantic auchan, carrefour. they also include lots of restaurants and stores selling clothes, books, records and other stuff.

you can find very  interesting shopping centers along rer a: les quatre temps in la défense, forum les halles in chatelet les halles; and larger ones at val de fontenay, at neuilly plaisance, at noisy le grand, at torcy, at val d’Europe. here we should emphasize commercial center in val d’Europe, which is new one, one stop to disneyland, it is called as international shopping center. some foreign guests often visit there.

this is shopping center forum des halles - most crowded shopping center in paris. it is located at the heart of paris: châtelete. all shops are underground, directly connect to the rer - metro station: châtelete - les-halles. rer a, rer b, rer d and merto no.1, no.4, no.7, no.11, no.14 all stop here. this plaza was the city's principal market in the middle ages. today, it has become a paradise of consumers. this huge shopping arcade offers a selection of chain shops catering for a young and mixed crowd, as well as cinemas and a swimming pool, though there is not a hypermarche in it. the espace créateurs (porte berger, level -1) is a special section where you can browse and buy the creations of young and up-and-coming parisian designers. on the surface, it is a beautiful garden. an attractive visit point even not for shopping.

this is more tradictional paris commercial center - a “passage" if you have time walking around, you will be able to discover it. arts, fashion, traditional french restaurants are all gathering in these “passages"

newly built shopping center at torcy. a giant carrefour, darty, and a leroy marlin and many boutiques are included in this large commercial center. rer a: torcy

many foreign visitors like shopping in val d’Eulope. this shopping center is located at the east of paris, just one stop to disneyland paris by rer a. this commercial center is very new, but also very complete. there is a large supermarket auchan, an large electronic store darty, and fnac and many smaller boutiques. if you are tired, you can relax by listening to music, watching movie, visiting the exhibition sea life, enjoying seafood and various style cuisine in the commercial center.   

not only young girls like jennyfer.

different style restaurants in the terran offering good service to costumers of the shopping center. 

other shooping centers in paris downtown or outskirts:

bercy 2
4, place de l'europe - 94228 charenton
metro: charenton-libert
boutiques du palais des congrès
porte maillot - 75017 paris
metro: porte maillot
carrousel du louvre
99, rue de rivoli - 75001 paris
this underground shopping center is connecting to museum louvre. open time is similar to louvre: daily from 11:00 am to 8 pm except tuesdays.
metro: palais royal / musée du louvre
centre commercial galaxie
30, avenue d'italie - 75013 paris
metro: place d'italie

galeries marchandes des champs-elysées
lido, passage des champs-elysées, berri, claridge, rond-point des champs-elysées - 75008 paris
metro: george v, franklin-d-roosevelt

les 4 temps
15, le parvis de la défense - 92092 paris la défense
rer and metro: la défense

les 3 quartiers
23, boulevard de la madeleine - 75001 paris
metro: madeleine
maine montparnasse
tour maine-montparnasse - 75014 paris
metro: montparnasse-bienvenue

marche saint-germain
rue clément - 75006 paris
metro: saint-sulpice, mabillon

passage du havre
12-14, rue du havre - 75009 paris
metro: saint-lazare

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