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Le marche aux puces --- the flea market in Paris

Shopping in flea markets is very interesting. Paris has very famous flea markets. Many visitors enjoy visiting, shopping in Paris flea markets.

There are three main flea markets in Paris:

One in Porte de Montreuil - 20e Porte-de-Montreuil. One of the cheapest flea markets, specialising in second-hand clothes, and also some furniture and other houseware.

One in Porte de Vanves - Avenue Georges-Lafenestre. An enormous range of bric-a-brac can be found at this popular market.

One in Saint-Ouen / Porte de Clignancourt - "Le march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen". "Le march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen" is the most famous one, and when people talking about Paris flea market, it is most likely talking about "Le march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen". We shall introduce more about "Le march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen". All photos were shot there.

Location of three Paris flea markets. You can reach all these flea markets by Mero. All these three flea markets are open on Saturday, Sunday and Monday all arround the year, 07:00 to 19:00.

 ôLe march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen" has a long histry. It was inaugurated in 1885 and extends over six hectares. Now, the Puces de Saint Ouen have more than 2000 shops. Just image that it recieves 70 000 visitors every week, you can understand that this is a worth visit place for a visitor.


In the fifties and sixties of 20th century, the Puces de Saint-Ouen was a market place to buy cheap but good and old furnitures. This is not the case anymore, but it is still a very interesting place to visit. The choice is large: old furnitures, old art pieces, clothes, shoses, poceline, time pieces, military pieces, almost every thing you can image. The prices are moderate to high.

The Puces de Saint-Ouen are located on the north edge of Paris. They can best be reached by the metro (station Garibaldi on line 13, station Porte de Clinagncourt on line 4). Going by car is also very easy: take the ring, exit at Porte de Clinagncourt, you are there.

The Flea market at Vanves keeps its original charm and originality. A veritable Ali-Baba cave, a large selection of goods awaits on the sidewalks of the avenues of Marc Sangnier and Georges Lafenestre in the fourteenth arrondissement.

You can hunt like a pro on Saturday morning or bring the family on Sunday morning. There are four hundred merchants most of whom are afficionados of their merchandise and some are strongly individualistic personalities, being mixture of specialists and some with a wide range of knowledge, all of whom offer you interesting merchandise gathered during the
week from all over France. Here you can find all sorts of things : furnishings and household objects from the early 1900s , Art Deco from the twenties and the thirties, and nostalgic fifties and the sixties collectibles, weird things, kitch, clothes
and old textiles, lace, worktables, dinner things, glasses, silverware, jewelry, African and Oriental art objects, small traditional tables, chandeliers, paintings and prints, bathroom things, photos, cameras and phonographs, books, garden furnitures.

The text of above two paragraphs and two pictures about Flea market at Vanves were provided by friends of Flea market at Vanves.

Here we have photos:


There are actually 13 markets in ôLe march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen" .

When you get to the station Porte de Clinagncourt, you will see many people flow to a direction, and there are many shops selling clothes, shoes, low price watches and other electronic appliances in the street. That is not real ôLe march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen" . The real flea markets are inside, after you go through the crowded streets.

The real flea markets ôLe march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen" are calm, it is for collectors, and dealers all over the world nowadays.

Visiting to some stalls in flea markets is as if visiting a museum.

This is a modern shop in flea markets.

Perhaps you can find a treasure here!

Every thing is possible here. Who knows what these huge jars, each higher than 1.2 meters, were used for!

In an old fashion shop, we found these old rackets.

Globes of different size.

You can find very fine articles here.

You can have your old fashion furnitures or articles repaired here.

Packing and shipping companies serve to all over the world.

Many cafe bars and restaurants here. Have a cup of wine after a long time shopping in ôLe march?aux puces de Saint-Ouen" ?


The Flea market at Vanves keeps its original charm and originality. A veritable Ali-Baba cave, a large selection of goods awaits on the sidewalks of the avenues of Marc Sangnier and Georges Lafenestre in the fourteenth arrondissement.


The Flea market at Vanves in the evening.


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